Tuesday, August 31, 2010


You'd think a person with a life of paranormal activity would hate horror movies and horror stories, but for some reason they fascinate me. I guess the idea that real life is scarier then any movie or fable. Once you reach a certain point of fear I guess you really can't go any farther then that.

So I will be living up to the name fear cast, and I will be picking up good ol' uncle vinesauce's tradition of the campfire. Basically people will call into my skype and we will tell scary stories and what not, and I will also stream horror movies. So stay tuned.

Fear Cast Entry 4

Chapter 1 - 4 (Final Stand of Phenex)

If you guys research exorcisms, you'll know it's not the easiest thing to do, or to have arranged. The priest didn't have a strong enough case to get me in for an exorcism. So me and him basically talked. We talked in a dark room, below the church. He asked questions like "What has he said to you, what has he asked you to do, why is he here, has he given any information whatsoever to you?". I answered truthfully, and this went on for 2 - 3 hours.

I started to stop talking though. Phenex came into the room, but it seemed the priest couldn't see him. Phenex was whispering in my ear, "remember our deal, don't blow it, you want in heaven don't you?". It was really hard to focus on what the priest was saying when I had Phenex whispering in my ear. It started as a whisper but gradually moved on to a yell.

At this point I wasn't answering the questions, I was covering my ears yelling "STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP!!!", but the yelling would not cease. Took out the bible, and started reading something, I don't remember what exactly he read because of the yelling, but what I knew what it wasn't making Phenex to happy. He kept yelling words that at the time I had never heard "TELL HIM TO SHUT THE FUCK UP NOW, TELL HIM TO STOP OR OUR FUCKING DEAL IS OFF YOU VILE SHIT". The priest started to yell to, just the same sentence over and over again, and as the priest would yell, Phenex got louder but sounded like he was in pain. "HE WANTS YOU TO STOP, I WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN" I said. The priest stopped and so did Phenex. He said "what do you mean you want to go to heaven?". "Phenex said that only way for me to go to heaven was for us to bond and pass on together". Just then the priest started to yell the same sentence again, except this time he kept making a cross on my forehead with his fingers dipped in holy water. After about 5 minutes, I blacked out.

All I can remember is that I woke up and was at home, I had to take pills everyday that would calm me down. From then on Phenex was gone, but this was only the beginning of paranormal activities.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fear Cast Entry 3

Chapter 1 - 3

As Phenex had left my room, the preceding hours that followed were the weirdest moments of my life. I felt like I had betrayed God, like I had done something wrong. All I knew was I couldn't wait to get to church, I needed to get into confession or at least get some sort of cleansing.

That night there was a storm, couldn't have possibly been more cliche. The window was cracked open so my room didn't get to hot, and the rain was just tapping against the screen. Just then someone appeared again, he was back. At this point I had sort of gotten used to him coming in and out of my life, whenever and wherever so I wasn't to shocked to see him. He quickly got into conversation "Alright, remember when I said I can get you into heaven faster? Before all your friends and family? I'm here to tell you how". "Remember how I stated that I needed to get back into heaven as well? Well it turns out that the only way I can do that is to find a human body to bond with, so that when you pass on and go to heaven, then I will go to. So all we have to do is make you pass on quicker and then we will both go, but this only works if I'm attached to you". I knew right away this was bullshit, he was looking to sacrifice me so that he could get into heaven off my soul.

"But I want to live as long as I can, I like it here with my family and friends, everything I need is here on this earth" I said to him. "But think of it, in heaven you can live forever with the people you love, and you can have anything you want, in reward as your heroic gesture of helping me get back to where I belong". "Phenex, can you give me a day before we do this? I just want to take a day to say goodbye to my friends and such". "Be quick boy, I will come again midnight tomorrow, and I will lead you, Thank you" He said.

Have you ever told a friend that you would do something for them, knowing that you can't commit to doing that which was asked? I felt like that throughout the night.

The next day we went to our morning session. They were reading about deception and how lies consume those who commit to it. It really felt like my last day on earth. My parents said things that they don't usually. Like your my boy son, or I love you son and what not. It was time for me to go to Sunday School after the session. Despite the fact I remember seeing Phenex Through the colored windows in the church, he was watching me, I still went to the priest anyways. When I told him, he called my parents, and they rushed over.

To be honest, he was right. Upon hearing the story I told the priest, my parents thought that I was sick, they kept saying that. I now know what they meant. Although the priest didn't seem to sure. See Phenex isn't someone mentioned in the bible very much. I would have either had to do extensive research and would have had to know what I was looking for to find out about him, but I was only a boy.

The priest's following word changed my life "Possessed".

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fear Cast Entry 2

Chapter 1 - 2

Phenex claimed to be what they called a "fallen angel". Already reading the bible, I knew that Satan, the devil himself, was a fallen angel and that Phenex being around wasn't a good thing, which was odd, because he was the opposite of what you'd expect of a fallen angel. He was kind, very calm and passive, had the voice of a child, and was an overall good "person". Regardless of how he acted towards me, keeping in mind Adam and Eve, the serpent acted this way and deceived them, so either way I had to make him go away.

I needed to stall for time, and when I would say I was going to the park, I planned to go to the church and tell the priest. This seemed like the only was to get rid of him. Immediately after having this thought in my mind, he said "May I tell you why that's not a good idea?". I couldn't speak. There was something so strange about the way he said it. It was in the voice of a child, but it sounded like it had been spoken by a demon. "If you tell the priests I may never get to heaven, a place far far away from hell, a place where I won't be tortured and a place where I can live in peace. And what if they don't believe you, what if they think your just some crazy child, do you know anything about mental illness? Or about what they do to troubled boys like you? I'm warning you it's best you don't tell anyone, I'm your friend, you can trust me."

"Why did you come to me? Why is it that I'm the person you come to, and of all places why would you come here, on earth, why didn't you stay in hell?" I said. "I came to earth because in hell you are bound by the devil, it is impossible to get to heaven, while being in hell. And why you? We see things in heaven and hell, we watch the earth, no different from when you watch television. When we see certain kids that take an extra interest in religion, we hop on the opportunity to get connected to them. Kid's your age are closer to the spiritual world then Adults are, it's the perception of their imagination and curiosity that keeps them unbound to the regular world you know."

My mom was calling my name, she was concerned because I was the only one in my room to her knowledge, yet I was talking to someone. As soon as he heard her coming, he transformed back into the bird that he originally came in my room as, and perched on a tree branch across the street. "Who were you talking to?"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fear Cast Entry 1

Chapter 1 - 1

As early as I can remember I had always been followed by the paranormal. To be honest I for the first 7 years of my life I didn't really have any real friends. I was really into christian, and went to a christian school, going to church 4 -5 times a week. One night staying awake past my bed time, reading the bible was the first time I met my first friend. I was reading the story of Adam and Eve(just getting to the section about the serpent, and the fall of man) when suddenly my window opened. It was something you'd see out of a horror movie, the windows creaked open, the wind flew in with leaves and the full moon was out. But this time something else flew in, a bird. At first I thought it was a raven, but then I noticed it didn't have any eyes, and when it opened it's beak, it spewed black mist.

The bird began to change into a human form, a tall man, no face, no distinguished features, just a voice. It had the voice of child which was rather odd to me, and as soon as he came in, he sat on my bed and began to talk to me. We talked about how it is important to keep the religion close to us, and that if we don't we could end up in a bad place. I remember asking him if he to was christian, he replied "You could say that". He went on about how he was a higher power, and that he had been to heaven, and if I wanted into heaven I wasn't aloud to tell my friends or my parents that he was around.

I was a little confused by all this, but at the same time interested. I agreed not to tell anyone, and I asked for his name. He replied "Phenex".

Monday, August 23, 2010

FearCast Diary Entry Introduction

To say the least, a lot of fucked up shit has happened in my life time. A lot of which you would call paranormal. It's just came to me now that a blog would be a perfect way to spread fear to those seeking it, and to post my own experiences and to perhaps get an explanation for some of the things that have happened. I have everything to date on my computer in a few documents. I will continue to post chapter by chapter, and along the way post other creepy fictional and non fictional stories, for now I will sign out.

FearCast Creepy Pasta Entry 1

I’m what you could call a collector of bootleg Pokémon games. Pokémon Diamond & Jade, Chaos Black, etc. It’s amazing the frequency with which you can find them at pawnshops, Goodwill, flea markets, and such.
They’re generally fun; even if they are unplayable (which they often are), the mistranslations and poor quality make them unintentionally humorous.
I’ve been able to find most of the ones that I’ve played online, but there’s one that I haven’t seen any mention of. I bought it at a flea market about five years ago.
Unfortunately, when I moved two years ago, I lost the game.
The game started with the familiar Nidorino and Gengar intro of Red and Blue version. However, the “press start” screen had been altered. Red was there, but the Pokémon did not cycle through. It also said “Black Version” under the Pokémon logo.
Upon selecting “New Game”, the game started the Professor Oak speech, and it quickly became evident that the game was essentially Pokémon Red Version.
After selecting your starter, if you looked at your Pokémon, you had in addition to Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle another Pokémon — “GHOST”.
The Pokémon was level 1. It had the sprite of the Ghosts that are encountered in Lavender Tower before obtaining the Sliph Scope. It had one attack — “Curse”. I know that there is a real move named curse, but the attack did not exist in Generation 1, so it appears it was hacked in.
Defending Pokémon were unable to attack Ghost — it would only say they were too scared to move. When the move “Curse” was used in battle, the screen would cut to black. The cry of the defending Pokémon would be heard, but it was distorted, played at a much lower pitch than normal. The battle screen would then reappear, and the defending Pokémon would be gone. If used in a battle against a trainer, when the Pokéballs representing their Pokemon would appear in the corner, they would have one fewer Pokéball.
The implication was that the Pokémon died.
What’s even stranger is that after defeating a trainer and seeing “Red received $200 for winning!”, the battle commands would appear again. If you selected “Run”, the battle would end as it normally does. You could also select Curse. If you did, upon returning to the overworld, the trainer’s sprite would be gone. After leaving and reentering the area, the spot [where] the trainer had been would be replaced with a tombstone like the ones at Lavender Tower.
The move “Curse” was not usable in all instances. It would fail against Ghost Pokémon. It would also fail if it was used against trainers that you would have to face again, such as your Rival or Giovanni. It was usable in your final battle against them, however.
I figured this was the gimmick of the game, allowing you to use the previously uncapturable Ghosts. And because Curse made the game so easy, I essentially used it throughout the whole adventure.
The game changed quite a bit after defeating the Elite Four. After viewing the Hall of Fame, which consisted of Ghost and a couple of very under leveled Pokémon, the screen cut to black. A box appeared with the words “Many years later…” It then cut to Lavender Tower. An old man was standing, looking at tombstones. You then realized this man was your character.
The man moved at only half of your normal walking speed. You no longer had any Pokémon with you, not even Ghost, who up to this point had been impossible to remove from your party through depositing in the PC. The overworld was entirely empty — there were no people at all. There were still the tombstones of the trainers that you used Curse on, however.
You could go pretty much anywhere in the overworld at this point, though your movement was limited by the fact that you had no Pokémon to use HMs. And regardless of where you went, the music of Lavender Town continued on an infinite loop. After wandering for a while, I found that if you go through Diglett’s Cave, one of the cuttable bushes that normally blocks the path on the other side is no longer there, allowing you to advance and return to Pallet Town.
Upon entering your house and going to the exact tile where you start the game, the screen would cut to black.
Then a sprite of a Caterpie appeared. It was the replaced by a Weedle, and then a Pidgey. I soon realized, as the Pokémon progressed from Rattata to Blastoise, that these were all of the Pokémon that I had used Curse on.
After the end of my Rival’s team, a Youngster appeared, and then a Bug Catcher. These were the trainers I had Cursed.
Throughout the sequence, the Lavender Town music was playing, but it was slowly decreasing in pitch. By the time your Rival appeared on screen, it was little more than a demonic rumble.
Another cut to black. A few moments later, the battle screen suddenly appeared — your trainer sprite was now that of an old man, the same one as the one who teaches you how to catch Pokémon in Viridian City.
Ghost appeared on the other side, along with the words “GHOST wants to fight!”.
You couldn’t use items, and you had no Pokémon. If you tried to run, you couldn’t escape. The only option was “FIGHT”.
Using fight would immediately cause you to use Struggle, which didn’t affect Ghost but did chip off a bit of your own HP. When it was Ghost’s turn to attack, it would simply say “…” Eventually, when your HP reached a critical point, Ghost would finally use Curse.
The screen cut to black a final time.
Regardless of the buttons you pressed, you were permanently stuck in this black screen. At this point, the only thing you could do was turn the Game Boy off. When you played again, “NEW GAME” was the only option — the game had erased the file.
I played through this hacked game many, many times, and every time the game ended with this sequence. Several times I didn’t use Ghost at all, though he was impossible to remove from the party. In these cases, it did not show any Pokémon or trainers and simply cut to the climactic “battle with Ghost.
I’m not sure what the motives were behind the creator of this hack. It wasn’t widely distributed, so it was presumably not for monetary gain. It was very well done for a bootleg.
It seems he was trying to convey a message; though it seems I am the sole receiver of this message. I’m not entirely sure what it was — the inevitability of death? The pointlessness of it? Perhaps he was simply trying to morbidly inject death and darkness into a children’s game. Regardless, this children’s game has made me think, and it has made me cry.