Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fear Cast Entry 2

Chapter 1 - 2

Phenex claimed to be what they called a "fallen angel". Already reading the bible, I knew that Satan, the devil himself, was a fallen angel and that Phenex being around wasn't a good thing, which was odd, because he was the opposite of what you'd expect of a fallen angel. He was kind, very calm and passive, had the voice of a child, and was an overall good "person". Regardless of how he acted towards me, keeping in mind Adam and Eve, the serpent acted this way and deceived them, so either way I had to make him go away.

I needed to stall for time, and when I would say I was going to the park, I planned to go to the church and tell the priest. This seemed like the only was to get rid of him. Immediately after having this thought in my mind, he said "May I tell you why that's not a good idea?". I couldn't speak. There was something so strange about the way he said it. It was in the voice of a child, but it sounded like it had been spoken by a demon. "If you tell the priests I may never get to heaven, a place far far away from hell, a place where I won't be tortured and a place where I can live in peace. And what if they don't believe you, what if they think your just some crazy child, do you know anything about mental illness? Or about what they do to troubled boys like you? I'm warning you it's best you don't tell anyone, I'm your friend, you can trust me."

"Why did you come to me? Why is it that I'm the person you come to, and of all places why would you come here, on earth, why didn't you stay in hell?" I said. "I came to earth because in hell you are bound by the devil, it is impossible to get to heaven, while being in hell. And why you? We see things in heaven and hell, we watch the earth, no different from when you watch television. When we see certain kids that take an extra interest in religion, we hop on the opportunity to get connected to them. Kid's your age are closer to the spiritual world then Adults are, it's the perception of their imagination and curiosity that keeps them unbound to the regular world you know."

My mom was calling my name, she was concerned because I was the only one in my room to her knowledge, yet I was talking to someone. As soon as he heard her coming, he transformed back into the bird that he originally came in my room as, and perched on a tree branch across the street. "Who were you talking to?"

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