Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fear Cast Entry 4

Chapter 1 - 4 (Final Stand of Phenex)

If you guys research exorcisms, you'll know it's not the easiest thing to do, or to have arranged. The priest didn't have a strong enough case to get me in for an exorcism. So me and him basically talked. We talked in a dark room, below the church. He asked questions like "What has he said to you, what has he asked you to do, why is he here, has he given any information whatsoever to you?". I answered truthfully, and this went on for 2 - 3 hours.

I started to stop talking though. Phenex came into the room, but it seemed the priest couldn't see him. Phenex was whispering in my ear, "remember our deal, don't blow it, you want in heaven don't you?". It was really hard to focus on what the priest was saying when I had Phenex whispering in my ear. It started as a whisper but gradually moved on to a yell.

At this point I wasn't answering the questions, I was covering my ears yelling "STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP!!!", but the yelling would not cease. Took out the bible, and started reading something, I don't remember what exactly he read because of the yelling, but what I knew what it wasn't making Phenex to happy. He kept yelling words that at the time I had never heard "TELL HIM TO SHUT THE FUCK UP NOW, TELL HIM TO STOP OR OUR FUCKING DEAL IS OFF YOU VILE SHIT". The priest started to yell to, just the same sentence over and over again, and as the priest would yell, Phenex got louder but sounded like he was in pain. "HE WANTS YOU TO STOP, I WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN" I said. The priest stopped and so did Phenex. He said "what do you mean you want to go to heaven?". "Phenex said that only way for me to go to heaven was for us to bond and pass on together". Just then the priest started to yell the same sentence again, except this time he kept making a cross on my forehead with his fingers dipped in holy water. After about 5 minutes, I blacked out.

All I can remember is that I woke up and was at home, I had to take pills everyday that would calm me down. From then on Phenex was gone, but this was only the beginning of paranormal activities.

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