Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fear Cast Entry 3

Chapter 1 - 3

As Phenex had left my room, the preceding hours that followed were the weirdest moments of my life. I felt like I had betrayed God, like I had done something wrong. All I knew was I couldn't wait to get to church, I needed to get into confession or at least get some sort of cleansing.

That night there was a storm, couldn't have possibly been more cliche. The window was cracked open so my room didn't get to hot, and the rain was just tapping against the screen. Just then someone appeared again, he was back. At this point I had sort of gotten used to him coming in and out of my life, whenever and wherever so I wasn't to shocked to see him. He quickly got into conversation "Alright, remember when I said I can get you into heaven faster? Before all your friends and family? I'm here to tell you how". "Remember how I stated that I needed to get back into heaven as well? Well it turns out that the only way I can do that is to find a human body to bond with, so that when you pass on and go to heaven, then I will go to. So all we have to do is make you pass on quicker and then we will both go, but this only works if I'm attached to you". I knew right away this was bullshit, he was looking to sacrifice me so that he could get into heaven off my soul.

"But I want to live as long as I can, I like it here with my family and friends, everything I need is here on this earth" I said to him. "But think of it, in heaven you can live forever with the people you love, and you can have anything you want, in reward as your heroic gesture of helping me get back to where I belong". "Phenex, can you give me a day before we do this? I just want to take a day to say goodbye to my friends and such". "Be quick boy, I will come again midnight tomorrow, and I will lead you, Thank you" He said.

Have you ever told a friend that you would do something for them, knowing that you can't commit to doing that which was asked? I felt like that throughout the night.

The next day we went to our morning session. They were reading about deception and how lies consume those who commit to it. It really felt like my last day on earth. My parents said things that they don't usually. Like your my boy son, or I love you son and what not. It was time for me to go to Sunday School after the session. Despite the fact I remember seeing Phenex Through the colored windows in the church, he was watching me, I still went to the priest anyways. When I told him, he called my parents, and they rushed over.

To be honest, he was right. Upon hearing the story I told the priest, my parents thought that I was sick, they kept saying that. I now know what they meant. Although the priest didn't seem to sure. See Phenex isn't someone mentioned in the bible very much. I would have either had to do extensive research and would have had to know what I was looking for to find out about him, but I was only a boy.

The priest's following word changed my life "Possessed".

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